Games on the Table

Remiss as I have been with holidays (and back pain I shan’t bore anyone with), a few games we’ve gotten to the table over the last few weeks:

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.30.41 pmKeyflower – an example of wonderful gameplay but I can’t abide the way everything is implemented – It feels like a game design, rather than a game.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.30.19 pmIn contrast, Myrmes melds theme and gameplay as well as any Eurogame.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.30.02 pmAsara proved to be a great introduction to worker placement for Ms. 9…

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 5.29.46 pm…and given her current obsession with Star Trek, she was happy to play Starship Catan, a game I probably haven’t played in a decade.



Maria Island


Spent a wonderful weekend celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday on Maria Island, off the east coast. A former penal colony (amongst other things), the island is now a national park. Everything needed to be taken across and back via boat and accommodation was the former prison cells.

For the shortest days of the year, we were rewarded with glorious sunshine all weekend.


Mist on the Oval


It’s not a very good shot as I’m still buggering about with this camera – particularly after sunset – but for me it captures the evenings closing in, the fire that smoulders through the night, the early morning mist, the uggboots and fleecy pyjamas, the exquisite home made soups (courtesy of H), and my own personal contentment at having moved somewhere with a real winter…


Wee Castle


In the comments to the previous post, Johnny in Edinburgh asked if I had any photos of work done long ago. Sadly, there are very few photos from that time, but this is one piece that my son owns. The window was designed and installed by a very talented friend who specialised in lead-lighting

As I’m starting to play about with clay again, I’l keep the pottery posts over at the Merwood Pottery blog – feel free to subscribe when you get there.


A Man and his Shed Part 4 – Lining



Well, it was sweaty, sweary and frustrating work, but the shed is now lined.
The wiring is all done, along with a direct ethernet connection to the house  (just in time to take advantage of the new 25/5 fixed wireless NBN connection)
The solar panels are part of the 5.5Kw array that is now shared between the shed and the house – it’s fun to watch the meter going backwards!

So after all that, I guess I should start potting…



Chicken Coop



As the slow progress on the shed-lining continues, cobbled together this chicken coop from old pallets.

Turned out OK (Note the easy access laying box!)