Stewart Woods
Media, Culture and Creative Arts
Curtin University
Western Australia

Curriculum Vitae


Woods, S. (2012). Eurogames: The Design Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games. McFarland Press

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Merrick, H., & Woods, S. (2002). ‘Ergonomics for the Mind: Do Cyborgs Dream of the Transparent Interface?‘ Proceedings of the Biennialle of Electronic Arts, Perth, Australia.


Woods, S. (2011). Congenial by Design: A Review of A Casual Revolution by Jesper Juul. Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research, 11(2).


Monopoly Killer: Perfect German Boardgame Redefines Genre. Wired 17.04 (2009).

Brenda Brathwaite: Holocaust Game Designer. The Daily Beast (2010).

Board Games on a Roll. The West Australian. 21.11 (2011).

Be a Player. ELLE Magazine Canada (2012).

Cardboard, Paper and Play. Future Tense – Radio National 17.06 (2012).

All the World’s a Game. RTRFM 31.10 (2012).

The Man who Built Catan. The New Yorker (2014).

Board of Reviewers: Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research

Committee Member: Boardgames Australia

Co-Founder: West Australian Boardgaming Association

Founder Member: Digital Games Research Association – Australia


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