The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games

This book examines the form of eurogames, the hobbyist culture that surrounds them, and the way that hobbyists experience the play of such games. It chronicles the evolution of tabletop hobby gaming, explores why hobbyists play eurogames, how players balance the structure of competitive play with the demands of an intimate social gathering, and to what extent the social context of the game encounter shapes the playing experience.
Combining history, cultural studies, leisure studies, ludology, and play theory, this innovative work highlights a popular alternative trend in the gaming community.

“A valuable study of eurogames and eurogame hobbyists…represents a significant achievement, for both its author as well as game studies.”

Mia Consalvo, PhD, author of Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames

“A conclusive counter to the false notion that motivation for game playing is all about winning and losing.”

Lewis Pulsipher, PhD, Game Designer.

“The research is extensive and the analysis both sound and perceptive […] a book that is both interesting and highly readable.”

Stuart Dagger, Counter Magazine.

“[A]n excellent book, providing a thoughtful examination of the genre. Its value, moreover, extends far beyond this to offer valuable insight into the social experience of game-playing more broadly.”

Rex Brynen, PAXsims.

“If you have any interest in these types of games, then this book must be considered a ‘must read’.”

Serge Pierro, Games Nite Magazine.

“[A]┬ácaptivating and thought-provoking book, dealing with an understudied side of contemporary games.”

Damien Djaouti, Ludoscience.

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