Go Large!



250 litres.
330 bottles.
9 different beers & 1 cider.

Thought I’d try home brewing.


6 comments on “Go Large!

  1. Eleanor

    Well done! Now, if I could just arrange a visit to sample some of this…

  2. Taswoods

    You are, of course, always welcome. I plan to keep brewing. (and you should taste my Kasundi!)

  3. Chris

    Bloody hell, Stew, no half measures!

    Next stop: fridge with tap?

  4. Taswoods

    At this stage I’m content to bottle-wash, but who knows?

  5. John

    Oh my ,will you need help in consuming some of this Stew?

    1. Taswoods

      I have about 250 litres for you to get through mate!

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